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VCMS – Vehicle Counters And Monitoring System By i-mentalist

What is VCMS?

VCMS is GPS based speed meter application with features you can’t find in any other speed meter application for BlackBerry. It is graphically unique application with all the functions and information you’ll ever need on the road, water or in the sky and it’s designed by HedoneDesign. VCMS is, in stunning, airplane cockpit style, informational unit that’s been sitting in your BlackBerry® Playbook™, unnoticed, all this time, now presented to you in one fiendishly clever app!

  • Compass
  • Odometer (A and B)
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Altitude
  • Speedometer (unlimited)
  • Speed alarm (two speed alarms)
  • Lap Timer
  • Social Networks (share location and speed)
  • Maximum and average speed
  • Export location and speed history
  • Angle
  • Accelerometer
  • Day / Night mode
  • Calibration
  • Time and date

Download now


Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light By Square Enix Limited Released For Playbook

AN INCREDIBLE ADVENTURE BEGINS Join Lara as she ventures deep into the jungles of central America in search of the Mirror of Smoke, a powerful artefact from a lost age. Whoever wields this item holds the future of mankind in his hands, with the power to rid the world of light. With the Mirror now in the hands of Xolotl, the God of Darkness, Lara and Totec, the Guardian of the Mirror, have until sunrise to defeat him or else plunge the world once again into an age of darkness. Take-on Xolotl and his armies of creatures with an all-new intuitive and accessible touch-screen control system, letting you explore the world and solve the puzzles at your own pace.


• Fast-paced action/adventure gameplay

• Breathtaking environments

• Focussed puzzle solving

• Player upgrades and unlockable weapons

• Console-quality HD graphics

Download now

Great Little War Game By Rubicon Mobile Ltd For The Blackberry Playbook

Take command of your army and battle the foe on land, sea and air but be sure to make wise decisions as you go. You want to deploy your soldiers to take full advantage of the higher terrain, natural choke points, ambush spots and defensive walls.

Varied missions are the order of the day here – capture the enemy HQ, escort the Generalissimo to safety, guide small squads behind enemy lines, defend your base…you get the picture. There are 30 missions included, so it’s going to be one crazy ride if you decide you’re brave enough to give them a try. What are waiting for? Right now, as you sit reading this, there is a battalion of soldiers just waiting for your command. Download Great Little War Game now and take your place alongside your troops. Lead well, live long and have fun.

Core Features: ❋ Campaign mode ❋ Multiplayer mode ❋ Skirmish mode ❋ Achievements ❋ Four difficulty settings ❋ Lush visuals ❋ Full 3D terrain affects gameplay ❋ Simple control method ❋ Lots of units ❋ Lots of terrain types ❋ High replayability ❋ Tons of humour ❋ Absolutely no birds or zombies

Download now

Plants vs Zombies v1.3.1307 Released For Blackberry Playbook

Stem a zombie attack on your BlackBerry® PlayBook™! Get ready to soil your plants in the hit PopCap® game! A mob of fun-loving zombies is about to invade your home, and your only defense is an arsenal of 49 zombie-zapping plants. Use peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs and more to slow down, confuse, weaken and mulchify 26 types of zombies before they can reach your front door.

Download now

Playbook 2.0 Features

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Includes the Following New Features:

Built-in email app

  • Unified inbox: see messages from all of your accounts in one place
  • HTML email composing and editing
  • Attachment downloads
  • Ability to perform multiple actions at once like bulk delete
  • Ability to set an auto signature

Built-in calendar app

  • Day, Week, Month and Agenda views
  • Growing numbers: numbers grow and shrink based on how busy you are
  • People view shows a contact-centric view of your calendar
  • Newsreel shows news about companies you’re meeting with

Built-in contacts app

  • Access Facebook®, Twitter® and LinkedIn® contacts as well as personal and work contacts
  • Merging and de-duplication of contacts

Print to Go

  • Wirelessly print from a laptop or PC directly to the PlayBook
  • View, sort and manage digital files as though they were physical sheets of paper

New BlackBerry® Bridge™ features

  • Wireless remote control: use a BlackBerry smartphone as an external keyboard and mouse for a connected PlayBook
  • Presenter remote: deliver and control slideshow presentations when the PlayBook is connected to a projector or TV via HDMI
  • Open on PlayBook: seamlessly switch screens and invoke any BlackBerry Bridge app on the PlayBook tablet
  • Copy/paste in BlackBerry Bridge apps

Video Chat

  • Improved UI
  • Integration with contacts app: provides a filtered view of video chat contacts
  • Contact availability: identify if a specific contact is available for a video chat
  • Invite based on PIN
  • Initiate video chat directly from the contacts, calendar or messages apps
  • Display a video chat on an external screen via an HDMI connection

Virtual keyboard enhancements

  • Fluency engine: Full word prediction and correction, and next-word prediction
  • Support for auto capitalization and corrections of misspellings such as acn for can
  • Slimmer design to show more of the screen’s content
  • Support for Android™ applications
  • Home screen management with customizable panes and folders, and the ability to pick six of your most frequently used applications for the dock
  • Browser reader mode: provides an optimal reading experience by removing ads and the surrounding site, enhancing the font size and displaying text in a cleaner format

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