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Blackberry Native SDK 2.1 Beta Released

Download SDK 2.1 BETA

Download Webworks

WORDPRESS v2.1 Now Available For The Playbook

The all new WordPress for PlayBook™ app allows you to write posts, edit pages, and manage comments on the go. Both and self-hosted WordPress (2.9.2 or higher) sites are supported. Download the app and start blogging on the go in no time.

Download now

Angry Birds Updated To v2.1 For The Playbook

What’s new in version 2.1.0:

It’s a beautiful day at the beach… til the pigs show up! Can the Angry Birds rescue their eggs in time to have some fun in the sun? Puzzle your way through 15 tropical levels!

It Should be available for download in the next day

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1

Features include:

  • Portrait Email, Calendar, and Contacts
  • App World Carrier Shelf
  • Bridge Texting and WiFi Transport Support
  • Android Multi-Tasking
  • Camera API and In-app Payments for developers
  • Over-the-air activation with Mobile fusion
  • Personal Encryption

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