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Cheap and Better 9900/9930 Charging Pod

Want a 9900/9930 charging pod that’s better and cheaper than the OEM?
Well EBAY have them, check it here
For around $5 plus shipping its a real bargain.
I bought two, one for my bedside table and one for the office and they work great and in fact better than the OEM as they are easier to dock. They are closer to the old 9700 OEM pod with a higher back so it doesn’t fall out and sits nice and sturdy.

24ct Gold P’9981 – what?!

Check out this crazy item on Ebay
24ct Gold P’9981
One of a kind 24ct Gold Plated Blackberry Porsche.

Be one of the first in the world to own this amazing phone.
Limited edition with only 100 units being commissioned worldwide.
Each one will be numbered and marked as part of this limited edition project.
Order yours today and own this unique phone. Stand out from the crowd.
Please state which type of keyboard you would like, UK spec ‘QWERTY’, EU spec ‘QWERTZ’ or Arabic keyboard

Introducing The Blackberry Mini Keyboard

The BlackBerry Mini Keyboard is now available for pre-order internationally at shopblackberry for US$119.99
“Whether you’re typing email, creating documents, surfing the web or using other apps, the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard and its integrated carrying case is an ideal accessory,” James Poulton, Director, Advanced Accessories.

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