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8ta Offering Free BlackBerry Internet Service

The South African Telecom provider, 8ta, let us know that it is currently offering BlackBerry prepaid customers a free BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) subscription for a month upon activation of the service. The offer is good for the first 5000 new BlackBerry prepaid customers on activation of their first BIS subscription, effective beginning May 15, 2012.

“8.ta is dedicated to offering more value to our customers so they can stay connected to friends, family and information while on the move,” says Amith Maharaj, Senior Managing Executive of 8.ta










Source: BBE


Apple CEO Tim Cook Acknowledges BlackBerry Data Efficiency

“Our engineering teams work extremely hard to be efficient with data and differently than some others. And we believe as a result of this iPhone has far better data efficiently compared to other smartphone that are using sort of an app rich ecosystem. Finally, and this is most important, iPhone is the best smartphone on the planet to entice a customer who is currently using a traditional mobile phone to upgrade to a smartphone. This is by far the largest opportunity for Apple, for our carrier partners and its a great fantastic experience for customers. So its a win win win there”

BIS 4.2 Technical Document Released By RIM

Checkout the document

Troubleshooting Blackberry Email









1. Do you have a data capable mobile network connection?

The first thing you should check is whether or not you have a connection to the mobile network as well as the ability to send and receive data. To verify the mobile network connection status on your BlackBerry smartphone, tap on the Manage Connections icon that appears on your Home screen and verify if your mobile network connection is enabled. Provided it is enabled, complete the following steps to see if you are able to successfully send a PIN to PIN Message. This test will confirm if you have bi-directional data communication on your smartphone, which is required to send and receive email.

Open the Messages app
Press the Menu key, select “Compose Other”, then “Compose PIN”
Enter your PIN in the “To:” field
Press the Menu key and select “Send”

Tip: If you don’t know your smartphone’s PIN, scroll to the body of the PIN message you are about to send and type “mypin” (no spaces). After typing this and hitting the space key, the PIN of your BlackBerry smartphone is displayed.

If this test fails, you might also have issues using BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) or the BlackBerry® Browser in addition to sending and receiving email. At this point, I would suggest contacting your service provider for further investigation with this issue.

2. Check your Signal Strength

In order to send and receive data, you should have a signal strength greater than -95dBm (ideal signal is -70dBm to -95dBm). If you have a signal strength that is less than -95dBm, you are in a poor coverage area and may have trouble sending and receiving data. To view your signal strength, complete the following steps.

Tip: The dBm number is a negative integer, so “greater” would mean a signal strength closer to -0 dBm.

BlackBerry® 6 to BlackBerry® 7.1 OS

From the Home screen, select “Options”
Select “Device” followed by “Device Status and Information”.
BlackBerry® Device Software version 5 and earlier

From the Home screen, select “Options”
Select “Status”.
3. What type of email account do you have?

There are two types of email accounts you might have on your BlackBerry smartphone. The first type of email account is the BlackBerry® Internet Service, which allows you to integrate up to 10 different supported email accounts. To see if you have any email accounts integrated with BlackBerry Internet Service, complete the following steps.

On the Home screen, select “Setup”
Select Email Accounts followed by “Internet Mail Account”.
If the email account you are having troubles with is listed here, complete the steps below to resend your BlackBerry Internet Service books which may help restore functionality. If you don’t see the option of “Internet Mail Account”, your wireless service plan might not support BlackBerry Internet Service. Contact your wireless service provider for more information.

Resend BlackBerry Internet Service Books

On the Home screen, select “Setup”
Select “Email Accounts” followed by “Internet Mail Account”
Select an email account
Press the Menu key and select “Service Books” followed by “Send Service Books”
A message will appear stating Service Books were sent successfully.
If Service Books cannot be sent successfully, we would recommend you contact your service provider to ensure your data plan is enabled correctly – or you can tweet @BlackBerryHelp for more help!

The second type of email account you may have on your smartphone is for corporate email that’s connected through BlackBerry® Enterprise Server. To find out if this is how your email is set up, check out the following article: How to check if a BlackBerry smartphone can be used with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server or BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express

If you determine that you are using a BlackBerry Enterprise Server and are having issues sending or receiving email using your BlackBerry Enterprise Server email account, we suggest checking if any of your colleagues are encountering a similar issue. If not, contact your BlackBerry administrator for further assistance. On top of contacting your BlackBerry administrator, check out the following section which contains some knowledge base articles that might help out.

China Unicom Launches BIS

Beijing, China – China Unicom and Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX: RIM) today announced the launch of BlackBerry® services for consumers in China. Following the launch of the BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution for business customers in 2011, China Unicom is now also offering BlackBerry® Internet Service for consumers. China Unicom’s customers will now be able to take advantage of the leading BlackBerry solution to manage their personal email, messaging and social communications. They will also enjoy access to a wide range of mobile business and lifestyle applications available on BlackBerry App World™, the official app store for BlackBerry smartphones.

With the new BlackBerry service offering, China Unicom’s customers will be able to enjoy the freedom and productivity benefits of using BlackBerry smartphones to stay connected to the people and information that matter most to them throughout the day.

BlackBerry Internet Service allows customers to access supported corporate and personal email accounts from a BlackBerry smartphone.  Email messages are automatically pushed to the user’s handset, so the user does not have to constantly check to see if they received a new message. BlackBerry Internet Service also comes with an integrated web browser and provides access to leading messaging and social services, including BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™).  A variety of mobile applications tailored for Chinese customers are available on BlackBerry App World™, including Sina Weibo, QQ, China Daily, Shanghai Daily, Caixin+, Chinese Majiang and more.

Beginning today, customers are able to activate BlackBerry Internet Service at China Unicom’s online store ( and by connecting to China Unicom’s hotline 10010. China Unicom’s nation-wide retail stores will be able to activate BlackBerry Internet Service for its customers soon.

China Unicom’s customers are able to use BlackBerry Internet Service with a wide range of smartphone models, including the BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 and BlackBerry® Curve ™ 9300. For further details, please call the China Unicom Support Hotline at 10010 or visit:

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